Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

Lincoln Park

I’ve been a huge OPI fan for as long as I can remember, and Lincoln Park After Dark was one of my very first OPI purchases. This almost-black purple nail polish just caught my eye and has been a firm favorite of mine for years. I’ve decided to do a review on it, because if someone else can share in the joy of it, why not? OPI polish can be expensive, so let’s face it, before you invest, it’s best to look at some swatches and online reviews to find out whether this polish is really the best choice for you.

The Bottle and Brush

I adore OPI bottles and brushes. The bottles are sturdy, and the design is elegant. The brushes are some of the longest ones I’ve seen and they are quite broad as well so it makes application a breeze! These bottles also don’t break easily. I’ve dropped mine on at least one occasion and the bottle stayed intact.

Quick dry

The Polish: I love this polish, the consistency is great, but you still need two coats to get proper coverage. The polish goes on easily and dries beautifully. It does take longer to dry than some of the other polishes I’ve tried, but then again, this is not a ‘quick dry’ polish. Another thing I adore about this polish is the fact that it dries to a really glossy finish. The pictures below show just how glossy it is once dry. The pictures were taken without a top coat.

Polish malarkey

Wear: I’ve worn this with a base and top coat and got at least four days’ wear out of it before it started chipping. That, for me anyway, is great. I’ve had some polishes chip on the very same day I applied them, so it’s great to not have to worry about chipping, peeling, or any of that other ‘cheap’ polish malarkey that we have to put up with sometimes!

The Color: Need I say it The color is incredible. It’s dark, but not black, and tends to draw a lot of attention, regardless of how or where I might wear it. I’ve always been a huge fan of purple nail polishes and this one might well be my all-time favorite.

Cheap polishes

The Verdict: If you don’t own Lincoln Park after Dark yet, get it. It’s a well-worth-it investment as far as nail polishes go. I like cheap polishes, but OPI is one of the more pricey brands I don’t mind investing in. This bottle has lasted me years and with a little lacquer thinner and TLC, I’m sure it’ll last me much longer.