Laser Alternative Facial Treatment

Laser Alternative Facial Treatment

The Laser Alternative Facial Treatment is the latest in skin rejuvenation, was specifically developed as an alternative to the more invasive and painful laser treatment, and will deliver similar or even better results than an expensive laser procedure. This Facial Treatment is so powerful that it can reduce and sometimes eliminate wrinkles, acne scars, melasma, age spots, or any combination of such.

Treatment Process

Your face will be cleaned and light steam will be applied in order to clean and relax the skin prior to the treatment. This will be followed by a BioLamp therapy, which will open pores and create microchannels in the top layers of the skin. The skin then will be infused under hyperbaric pressure with a custom blend of products designed specifically for your skin type. This process enables the minerals in the product itself to be delivered under pressure into deeper layers of the skin. The mineral infusion will be followed by a galvanic current treatment in order to awaken your skin’s natural rejuvenation process. 

Non-invasive LED laser

If needed, a non-surgical bio lift or ultrasound procedure will be applied to strengthen your skin’s elasticity. Then the skin will be treated with a special alginate mask (with a custom blend of vitamins and minerals) which will be followed by a treatment with a non-invasive LED laser. To finish, the skin will be treated with a healing gel and light face cream to calm the skin. You will see astounding results within 5 days of the treatment. Depending on your skin type and the severity of skin damage, more treatments may be necessary. The next treatment can be performed 5 days after the first treatment until desired results are achieved.

Alternative Laser Treatment

During the first 24-48 hours after the Alternative Laser Treatment, it is normal that the skin may appear slightly red and irritated (depending on your skin type). It is also common that within 48 hours after the initial treatment, a light peeling of the top layer of the dead skin may occur.

To maximize results it is recommended that 3 days prior to the treatment you receive a deep-cleansing and resurfacing facial in order to prepare the top layer of your skin for infusion and rejuvenation. Special packages for both treatments are available upon request.

Post Treatment Skincare

Do not apply any makeup to the surface of your skin for up to 12 hours after the treatment.
For your skin care at home, a skin care professional will provide you with a week’s supply of a special blend of face products which were exclusively customized to help promote healing and skin rejuvenation after the treatment. Every morning during the first week, cleanse your skin with a light facial cleanser and apply the provided healing gel and cream. Every evening during the first week, cleanse your skin with a light facial cleanser and apply a provided zinc scrub. Allow the scrub to remain on the skin for 30 minutes. Wash the scrub off the skin with warm water. Allow skin to air dry. Follow with healing gel and cream.