What is Nail Art?

Nail Art

It’s the creative as well as professional way to decorate the nails with paint, gemstones or in simple words it can be described as the art of creating different patterns on nails by various techniques generally after a manicure and pedicure. It includes various techniques such as painting with the brush, digital nail art, nail art stickers, glitters, 3D nail art, and much more.

In ancient times, Egyptians and Chinese were the first to create such patterns on nails. Egyptians use nail art as a symbol of social status. The richer ladies used to wear dark shades of red along with golden shades while the lower class used to wear pastel and lighter shades.  With the modernization of nail art, there is the emergence of a wide business for beauty salons. There is an immense demand for nail art in the recent 5 years.

Different types of nail art techniques that can be used to make nails look attractive and eye catching:

  • Nail art using Pens: Pens can be used to draw unique and different patterns, for example, any image, dots, or lines. One can draw simple designs by own without the help of any professional.
  • Using Brush: It is the easiest technique to paint the nails. A large variety of brushes are available in the market such as flat brushes, brushes for dots, and lines. Drawing can be done in a single stroke or multiple layers can be drawn.
  • Using Gel:  Thin coating of gel is applied on the nails and then the nails are exposed to UV rays. Different colors and textures of this gel are available that can be used according to the occasion.
  • 3D nail art: This is the most trending technique nowadays. It includes bird feather designs, leopard patterns, star patterns, sea patterns, digital prints in 3d style, gemstones in checkboxes, etc.
  • Using glitters: Glitters can be used to provide a shining effect to the nails. For giving a royal look to the nails, gemstones, and beads can be used.
  • Nail art with neon effect: Different neon colors such as green, orange, pink, yellow, red, and blue can be used to create a bold look.
  • Stickers: Stickers are available in several styles like rose patterns, 3-D designs, tattoos, and horizontal and vertical strips. The best feature of this technique is that very less efforts are required.
  • Using tape: It is used to impart dual color to the nails. In this, a base coat is applied first and then a small piece of tape is put onto the nails, and nails are coated with some different color and then the tape is removed.
  • Stencils: Stencils are in the form of sheets just as we pull off stickers pull them in the same way and put in on your nail.
  • Using a sponge: Put the basic color on the nails. Use the color of your choice on the sponge it touches it gently on the nail, acetone can be used for removing the side edges.