Namibia Safari Vacations

Safari Vacations

Huge skies, huge landscapes, huge seascapes. Bring your camera and your widest-angle lens and get your family lost for weeks. Namibia sits atop the oldest desert on earth and is where you’ll find the largest sand dunes, the iconic smooth red slopes of Sossusvlei. Namibia is not the place to take the kids for a big game experience, as it pales in comparison to its neighbors.

However, it does offer fab big-game viewing in the rather manicured Etosha. Think of a Namibia safari vacation as the place for a wild experience of self-reliance, with some extreme sports thrown in.

Top 4 Reasons For A Namibia Safari Vacation

  1. Wide Open Spaces
    There are so few people here- both living and visiting – this is the place to explore the planet before humankind exploded.
    The country is 4x the size of England, but fewer people live there than live in South-West London. It is one of the only places you’ll find wildlife roaming genuinely free (i.e. without fences) and where you can venture into the bush, using riverbeds for roads, and not get told off.
  2. Extreme Sports
    Although we wouldn’t go to Namibia just for adrenaline sports, Swakopmund happens to be the adrenaline capital and if you are passing through, there are some fantastic opportunities to try something new and get the teenage heart racing – in a good way.
    We’d recommend sandboarding, skydiving, quad biking, and paragliding for your morning off.
  3. The Himba
    We love Namibia’s Himba tribe the most of all the tribes we have met in Africa. They manage to exist essentially without water: they wash themselves in smoke, and cake themselves in red ochre to prevent dehydration – and you can witness this, and even cake your kids in red ochre!
  4. Value For Money
    The Namibian Dollar is pegged to the Rand, so you can find a very good value safari even at the luxury end of the market.
    Driving is straightforward and this can really bring the price down for a family safari too.