Essence express dry spray

Dry Spray

Dry Spray

When I walked into Dischem recently I nearly went crazy seeing how many products they stock from the Essence nail art range. The Essence Express Dry Spray was one of my purchases that day and I’ve decided to share my thoughts on the product. Is it worth the time and money.

Great product

I’ve used the spray twice now and in short: It rocks! It’s one of the best quick dry sprays I’ve tried, and it’s a really great product for the price. The tin holds 50ml, similar to another brand I bought online, but costs around a dollar less. I also love the design and the purple color (what can I say, It’s one of my favorites). These are the most obvious things so I thought I’d mention those first.

Essence polish

The spray itself performs brilliantly. It promises to dry nail polish almost instantly, and low and behold, it does. Some other sprays take longer to dry the surface of the polish but I can well and truly say Essence Express Dry Spray did what it said on the tin. I used four thick coats of Essence polish so thought this would be the perfect test. It dried the polish in under a few minutes and the surface of the nail was dry to the touch within 2-3 minutes.

The other thing I love about the spray is that it has a great fragrance. It reminds me of chamomile, and it doesn’t have that nasty chemical smell that other quick dry sprays can have. It also adds shine to the polish and you’re left with a super shiny finish. (Another great bonus). It seems to contain oil, and I noticed that after using it my fingers seem a little oily, as you’ll see in the picture, there is a definite oily ‘sheen’ to my fingertips, but this doesn’t bother me in the least. After a few minutes, it either evaporates or absorbs so it wasn’t a problem for me.

Price of products

So what’s the verdict on this product? A definite thumbs up! I love it and will keep buying it. It beats the price of products I’ve been ordering from abroad and I can get it locally. The products I used in the picture are ‘Fame Fatal’ from the Essence Color and Go range and the black crackle polish from Born Pretty Store.