Nail Art with Basic Bridal

Nail Art Design

Nail art is the process of drawing or painting different types of nail patterns. There are different techniques to animate your nails with an exclusive nail finish. Nail art can be classified on the basis of various techniques. It has become hugely popular and is now part of fashion. Nail art techniques include various methods such as brushes, sponges, taping or 3D and digital nail art, etc.

Nail art designs are popular among fashionistas these days. Anyone who enjoys working in bright colors or in a new trendy fashion loves nail art. The materials and colors are the easiest available, so why not try new things regularly? These simple nail art designs are beautiful and trendy at the same time. They can brighten your hands immediately.

Basic Nail Art Techniques:

  • Using a brush: This is one of the basic methods of nail paint. This technique is just like any other painting where you can use different brushes that best fit. Those with synthetic hair are usually recommended. You can draw any template of your choice using these brushes. However, it takes a minimum of practice and skill to achieve perfection by providing perfect strokes. There are different types of brushes, for example, angled, flat, line, detail, dots, etc. which can be used to form different kinds of beautiful patterns on nails.
  • Using tapes: In this small strands of tape are applied on nails that are already painted with basic color. Another color of nail paint is applied. After that tapes are removed.
  • Using sponge: For gradient nails sponge technique can be used. The finish you get after using the sponge is likely to be sprayed. You can use any type of sponge depending on the desired effect and expected design. The foundation is usually applied and allowed to dry, after which a sponge with nail polish is used and applied to the nails.

Nail Art using Nail extensions

Currently, although many want long nails, some of us are not lucky enough to have healthy and beautiful nails. Nail extensions serve as the perfect shortcut to achieving our dream goals. After applying for extensions any technique can be used like 3D nail art, digital nail art designs and pearls designs can be tried.

Bridal Nail Art:

The most popular combination is glitter and light shades of stones along with flowery patterns, these colors match very well with a bridal outfit and give a statement about the wedding, filled with many rituals. It includes nail art using glitters, floral nail art, metal nails, pearls and glitters. 3D nail art and digital prints are some examples.