Hair Color Services | Hair Color Highlights

Hair Color Services | Hair Color Highlights

If you love to do experiments with hair coloring Salon is the perfect place to visit. Even if you want to color your hair for the first time our professional team will guide you with their expert views. Not only this, our experts will advise you about how hair can be protected and how we can make them shiner, voluminous and healthy.

Salon offers a wide range of bold and stunning shades and colors that will glam you up. Hair dyeing is available for long, medium, and short hair and also the roots touch-up is available. Rainbow shades such as yellow, red, green, and purple are available. Treatment for grey hair also adds to the list.

Highlights for women:

  • Full-length hair color: It will be from root to end. Price will vary according to hair length.
  • Retouching: It includes coloring the hair that is grown after the previous hair coloring.
  • Ammonia-free hair dyeing: Nowadays herbal products are quite popular since they prevent chemicals from damaging the hair and also provide the proper nourishment required for healthy hair. We provide herbal and organic coloring.
  • Babylights: It is the light coloring of hair strips so that they look natural.
  • Ombre color: It is the most famous coloring type in which roots are colored dark and hair ends are kept light.
  • Rainbow color: Rainbow is best suited for lowlights which is exactly the opposite of highlights. The thick section is picked up and colored for lowlights.
  • Lowlights in the coffee brown shade: Thicker section of hair colored in the coffee brown shade. You can also go for light brown color or brown along with a little grey shade.
  • Silver highlights: This is one of the most glamorous and the most popular style. It gives a natural look. Platinum highlights at the hair ends will give a perfect look. If you mix chocolate brown lowlight with silver highlight it will give a dazzling look.
  • Ribbon highlights: This technique is usually done on curly hair in which curls are painted by brown or golden shade for a stunning look.

Highlights for men:

  1. Silver highlights on black hair: For black hair, silver highlights will add a dazzling look. One can use red color highlights on black hair. Red and light brown highlights are the best and the most popular coloring that can give funky and cool-looking style in summer.
  2. Blonde tips and highlights for brown hair: The best highlight that can be done on brown hair is either blonde tips or blonde highlights on voluminous and thick hair. Another combination can be platinum highlights on dark brown hair. Some vibrant and dark colors can also become style statements.