Coloring the beard in different shades

Coloring the beard

Only a beardsmen can know the true value of growing a beard and mustache and that too maintaining it. It is the symbol of power and muscularity. It is really difficult to choose a specific beard style and color for the beard. Normally the beard color is different from the hair color due to many reasons such as age, genetics, or maybe bad habits such as smoking or being alcoholic. Coloring the hair is quite an easy task as compared to beard dyeing. Since age has a great impact on beard and hair color. Coloring the white hair of the beard will prevent looking older rather it makes men look younger. We have a professional team if you are thinking of doing experiments with the beard color.

Our professionals will give their expert opinions on which style to choose and which color would suit that style. Normally used colors are black, brown, blonde shade, and red shade but there is a variety of other colors that can give a hot and attractive look. Vibrant colors are also there in the list. There are two ways for coloring the beard, men can go for either permanent or temporary beard dyeing.

Choosing permanent or temporary dyeing:

Permanent dye remains for 3-4 weeks or it can last for a month even. So there will be no headache of applying dye again and again.
The temporary dye will not last longer i.e. only for 12-15 days. It washes off easily but gives a realistic appearance and a voluminous beard.
Semi-permanent dying is also available and is basically for touch up and very less maintenance is required.

Choosing the perfect shade and color:

The first and most important task is to choose the perfect shade either darker or lighter shade.
If your hair color is dark black, then pick the dark brown shade that will give you the natural look. Also, you can apply black shade and that black shade also has various types namely dark black, jet black, olive black, etc.

If there is grey or white hair in your beard try a shade that is darker either dark black or dark brown.
The most common shade is brown shade which is available from light shades to darker ones. The brown shade is feasible for any hairstyle.

If you want to have a ginger beard try a light brown shade or red shade. Some vibrant shades and colors are also on the list.

For instance, if you want to try an ombre beard style purple and blue make a great combination. Golden yellow, sea green, frozen blue shade, purple shade for trimmed and short beards, grass green shade, etc. are some other types of vibrant colors.