Simple Nail Art Designs with Stamping

Designs with Stamping

It’s taken me ages to get back to my blog, so apologies in advance! It’s been an incredibly busy time for me the last month or so, and while I’ve been doing lots of swatches and buying far too much nail polish, I didn’t get around to posting about it. The design I’m posting here is a really simple one and one that uses one of my favorite nail art design techniques.

Purple shimmer

I used an Essence polish called Princess Prunella as a base, it’s a gorgeous mauve-ish brown with a bright purple shimmer to it, and then stamped the design onto it using OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. The end result was just stunning, and this manicure literally took a few minutes to do. I did this for my Mom, and she was in love with it as well. I was surprised that she opted for Princess Prunella because of the purple shimmer (She can be somewhat traditional with her polish choices) but, I think I might yet convert her to glitter polishes too.

Great-looking nails

The design lasted really well because I sealed it in with a good top coat, and if you read my post on nail art stamping, you’ll get some great tips on how to avoid some of the basic mistakes I made in the beginning. If you’re short on time and still want great-looking nails, you really should look into getting a stamper and a few image plates. It saves a lot of time and the designs you get are all very intricate, much more so than hand-painted designs.

Simple nail polishes

This nail design is really an example of how simple nail polishes and a stamping kit can give you great results at home, and it’s easy enough for anyone to do.