Tips For Hair Care At Home

Tips For Hair Care At Home

Looking for effective hair care at home? We show you cool tips on how you can get shiny and long hair. We hope you like these hair care tips and that they help in your hair growth.

Proteins and Our Hair

What are Proteins?

Let’s first understand what proteins are. Proteins are the good guys. The compositions of our skin, hair, and nails are predominantly proteins. But these proteins are not absorbed by the skin meaning no cosmetics or products can give us proteins. These are only supplied through our diet. We need to eat our proteins!

Protein deficiency shows itself as the skin getting loose and slack, loss of glow on the skin, thinning, and loss of hair. So if you find any of these symptoms get yourself some proteins. Proteins are literally the repair agents of our body. Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in our body.

If all the water was to be squeezed out from our body, half of the remaining mass would be protein. There are loads of things proteins do to our body but for the hair think of these as the super important component. Want to have healthy hair the best way would be to get enough good proteins.

Hair Care Tips:

  • Head Massage: Thinning hair is one of the early signs of aging. It is normal to lose about 50 strands of hair every day. If you are losing more hair, your hair is giving you a message that it needs care. If you have noticed that your hair looks flat against your skull lately then it’s time! Get a nice, soothing head massage. This will stimulate the roots and help hair growth.
  • Brush Before Shower: Nope, we are talking about teeth. Brush your hair before you take a hair shower. This not only un-tangles the hair, but it also removes product buildup and stimulates the scalp to promote blood flow. This will in turn help the hair follicles.
  • Breakup with Split Ends: Split ends are the same as a broken nail it will get longer and worse with time. The sooner you fix it, the better. If you notice split ends, use a product formulated for repairing split ends. These products are to be applied to the tips of your hair and left in. Also, use a good strengthening shampoo and conditioner.
  • Treat Them Right: More than the environment, it is the treatment of your hair that causes the most damage. Limit the use of hot irons, blow dryers, hair sprays, and other such stuff. Preserve the outer cuticle of your hair. J
  • Oiling: We can’t stress this one enough. Remember when you were in school and your mom used to you’re your hair regularly? There are immense benefits to oiling your hair. Oils have the ability to coat your hair and smoothen out the cuticle. Oiling also massages the scalp and promotes blood circulation. Oil your hair an hour before you take a head bath. Warm the oil slightly in a bowl and then apply. Leave it for an hour and then wash it. You will feel the difference after around 5-6 times following this method.
  • For Shiny Hair, Use Yoghurt: This tip is also a good remedy for dandruff. It also leaves the hair silky and shiny in the first wash itself. First, brush your hair and make sure there are no tangles. Then take some yogurt in a bowl. Now part your hair and with a bleach brush, apply generous amounts of yogurt on the scalp. Continue parting sections of your hair. Make sure your entire scalp is covered well. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water. Done!
  • Never Brush Wet Hair: Yep never. Most of us have done this, but this weakens the hair follicle and eventually accentuates hair fall.
  • Hair Masks: Well, your hair needs some pampering too! Indulge in a hair mask every fortnight. Try out various hair masks depending on your hair type and the time available. Mask it in and relax. Your hair will thank you for it.
  • Like Styling: We all love to style our hair. A small change in the hair can completely alter your persona and mood! Here is Lilith Moon’s YouTube channel. We love the way she dresses up her hair and her hair tutorials are awesome!
  • Chuck the Stress: When we are stressed out it shows on our skin and hair. Most hair falls occur either because of dandruff or because of stress. Take a break. Even a small break will do. Smile. Water the plants. Laugh with the kids. Pamper yourself. Get that pedicure. Life need not be all work!