Men Shaving

Men Shaving

Shaving can be described as the procedure to remove hair using a sharp blade or razor. Shaving is mostly done by men to remove facial hair. Starting from the basic sharpened flints to mechanical and electrical razors shaving process has advanced a lot. Shaving is actually a challenge since in this facial hair is to be removed closely without any cut or effects on the skin such as skin irritation, aberration, and razor burn.

These problems can be removed by applying a good amount of lubrication, and a new blade for shaving, shaving should be done in the hair growth direction. Some factors should be considered before shaving such as the density of the beard, thickness, and shape of the beard. Roughness is more in men’s skin as compared to women’s. Also, men have more skin pigmentation that can lead to irritation during shaving.

Types of Shaving:

Wet shaving: Also called manual shaving. The face is hydrated and covered with a wet warm towel to make skin and hair softer and then shaving cream, the gel is applied that acts as a lubricant.

Double-edge razor: As the name signifies there is a blade at both ends of the cap therefore shaving can be done from both sides and it’s the mostly used and convenient method as it provides precise shaving.

Single-edge razor: In a single-edge razor blade is exposed only on a single side. This method was used earlier. It is rarely used nowadays.

Disposable razor: These razors are cheaper and can be disposed of after two to three times usage. The fine steel blade is used and the handle is also comfortable.

Cartridge razor: The best feature is that it follows the face shape. Stainless steel blades are used in this razor. It removes the whiskers perfectly.

Electric shaving: Also known as dry shaving. It is based on a rotary mechanism. There is no need to use shaving cream, gel, or any kind of soap or foam. It can have circular and cylindrical blades. It is driven by electricity but there are some mechanical razors that contain small DC motors in order to operate. It has many advantages.

  • It causes no irritation and time saving technique.
  • Easy to move along the face contours.
  • Convenient and affordable.

Beard trimmer: Giving a beard a shape is known as trimming. It can be done along the neckline, lips, cheek line and along mustaches. Trimmers can be corded or cordless. Trimmers can be used for both short and long beards. There can be two or more than two sliding blades in a trimmer whereas a shaver has rotary blades. Shaver provides clean skin which is not provided by Trimmer.