How Anti-aging Products can keep your charm alive?

Anti aging products

With aging, skin tends to become loose and some lines develop across the face which we call wrinkles. For smooth, clear and wrinkle free skin we need to use anti aging products that help to improve hydration and remove dark spots and our skin appears younger than before.

Anti aging products include:

Retinol: It includes constituents of vitamin A, basically an anti-oxidant that helps in the formation of collagen and helps in reviving the skin damaged by the sun and reduces wrinkles. Pregnant ladies should avoid the use of retinol.

Peptides: Peptides are large molecules of proteins that help in healing the damaged cells and enhance the process of formation of new cells leading to skin that is free of lines and dark spots.

Alpha-hydroxy acids: These include lactic acid, and citric acid which are found in citrus fruits help in the removal of dead skin cells and also bring a glow to the skin and provide shining and smooth skin.

Vitamins C: Vitamin C acts as a shield against pollution, and UV rays by providing uniform pigmentation throughout the skin. Vitamin E is a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps in fighting against free radicals and thus helps in reducing fine lines. Vitamin K helps in reversing the aging effects by providing proper blood circulation.

Green Tea and Grape Seed extract: They possess anti-inflammatory characteristics that enhance collagen production reducing collagen.

Resveratrol: Normally found in red wine helpful in slowing down age-related skin issues.

Niacinamide: Basically vitamin B3 is an essential part of food breakdown and many other processes such as DNA signaling etc. The key factor of this vitamin is that it easily dissolves in water. It prevents melanin from reaching the skin’s surface thus preventing water loss by the skin making the skin more elastic and melanoma.

Ceramides: Ceramides are the type of fats that are reciting under the skin as the upper layer. They act as a safeguard against moisture loss. They are essential in maintaining the moisture content in the skin, restoring dry skin, rough skin, and irritation problems such as redness.

Vitamin H: Also called biotin or complex vitamin B plays a vital role in keeping skin and hair healthier. Sources of vitamin H are cauliflower, peanuts, bananas, and beans. Lack of biotin can result in dry lips, and crack at the lip ends. Thus vitamin H provides dual benefits i.e. skin and hair.

Coenzyme Q10: It is present inside the cells of our body. It is also available in the form of meat. It works as an anti-oxidant as well as a powerhouse of energy. It boosts the neutralization process of free radicals present in and outside the cell.