Top 4 Reasons Why Drinking Warm Water is Best

Drinking Warm Water

One of the most taken-for-granted health tips is drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. But do you know that making it “8 glasses of warm water” is even better? Yes! Regularly ingesting hot or warm water to your system helps provide wide-ranging health benefits including proper digestion, improved kidney function, weight loss, clarity of mind, and many more.

Drinking hot water is deemed vital to a healthy body. You need to remember that you are approximately 60% water. Through water, nutrients are transported all throughout your body and toxins are flushed out as well. Drinking hot water throughout the day is, however, the most ideal choice, and here are some of the top reasons why.

Natural Hydration with Zero Side Effects

Though you can hydrate your body with any form of water, ingesting it hot or lukewarm will help hasten the hydration process. Observe how hot water melts fatty deposits on a frying pan. That can also be said for your body. Your inner linings are normally coated with fat and other residue from the food you ingested. Hydration via hot or warm water is easily absorbed thereby improving kidney and digestive functions in flushing out toxins and other waste products from your body.

Drinking two glasses of hot water before crawling to bed and the moment you wake up are renowned Japanese techniques for improving health conditions. If you do not want to be disturbed by midnight urination, try to do it two hours before sleeping to allow time for your bladder to react. The morning after, drink two warm glasses of water to jumpstart your internal organs and release toxins that have been accumulated at night.

Amp Metabolism for Weight Loss

Water is an important aspect of many diet regimens. You might have seen and read about the importance of hydrating your body while working out and curbing your appetite by drinking more water. But are you aware that hot water can make you lose more weight? Experts reveal that drinking hot water simultaneously increases body temperature. This, in turn, increases a person’s metabolic rate which, subsequently, helps burn more calories throughout the day.

Another study also reveals that drinking something hot soothes oral and digestive receptors like the mouth, stomach, esophagus, and intestine. This somehow stimulates the brain’s “pleasure centers” thereby curbing your sense of hunger or appetite to eat more.

Overall Wellness

Boiled water, as we all know, decreases the number of bacterial microorganisms. This ensures preventing any infectious diseases from invading your body and creating havoc on your immune system. It is also deemed effective in preventing the growth of viruses, fungi or bad bacteria in your body as it increases gastrointestinal tract circulation thereby decreasing mucus production.

Hot water is a much better choice when improving digestion. Drinking it warm or hot will efficiently clean out your bowels. This is quite important for people who have a hard time with constipation. Drinking it hot will help hasten the breaking down of food substances and make digestion easy. The less energy used by your digestive tract means more improved health.

Premature aging is usually caused by a build-up of toxins. Though water in any form can be of help, drinking it hot intensifies the detoxification process. Hot water eases down your body’s way to flush out toxins.

Keep in mind that sweating helps flush toxins and purify the bloodstream much more efficiently. Keeping yourself hydrated with 8 glasses of hot water will help to develop a much younger look. Aside from aesthetic appeal, this can also deliver a youthful vibe resulting in much-enhanced stamina and performance.

Alternative Medicine Standpoint

Chinese medicine continually proves that drinking lukewarm water helps uphold your body’s normal temperature level. This can help create a balance in your bodily system resulting in a more improved health. As has been said above, drinking warm or hot water effectively aids in removing toxic deposits from your body including the nervous system.

Expert holistic practitioners strongly believe that by flushing out these toxins, you are also freeing your thoughts and responses from ill effects. This hails true to the principle that drinking hot water will purify the mind and body thereby achieving a much-balanced state.

Indeed, water is an essential nutrient for much better health. Your body is highly dependent on water for each and every chemical reaction taking place within. The best way, however, to ensure its effectiveness in cleansing and balancing your system is to drink it hot or warm. Most Asians are fond of drinking water in hot form, and obviously for good reasons as Japan holds the oldest man Guinness World Record. This is also the very cradle of alternative medicine techniques that the Western world is embracing nowadays.