Barbados Weddings

Barbados Weddings

For an unforgettable Caribbean wedding, Barbados offers settings that range from fun and adventurous to calm and serene, all the way from the famous “Platinum” coast to the wild and rocky eastern shore, where waves pound and foam to create fabulous, natural backdrops. Plan your ceremony in a world-renowned luxury hotel where the stars come to play, or on an isolated beach far away from the rest of the world.

Choose between beautiful flower gardens, historical great houses, and elegant restaurants with cliffside views the most difficult part about planning weddings in Barbados occurs when picking a fabulous venue! With one of the easiest lists of wedding license requirements, stress remains at a minimum, and couples can even marry the same day they arrive.

A combination of laidback island charm with a distinct British overtone, as well as one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean makes Barbados an excellent site for your wedding. The friendly people, clean beaches, and safe cities invite visitors to explore the island to its fullest travel and see them all, or simply relax in your comfortable resort for a carefree honeymoon. Those who intend to travel around the island should note that the government requires a visitor’s driving permit, available at most car rental companies or the Barbados Licensing Authority.

Should you choose to enjoy your ceremony and honeymoon in Barbados, it pays to find an excellent hotel and never fear, because this island holds many to fit a variety of budgets and styles. From the opulent to the simple, a hotel often provides excellent services and wedding coordination assistance. Hotels also typically offer a range of ceremony site choices, and many sit directly in front of the beautiful Barbados beaches.

Choose a hotel such as Sandy Lane or the Crane Resort, complete with calm water, soft sand, restaurants, bars, restrooms, and hotel staff to set up, clean, and ensure that your day runs smoothly! If you prefer a more undeveloped site with plenty of wow factor, head to the wild and rocky eastern beaches for some excellent photo opportunities. Each distinct coast of Barbados ensures that couples find their perfect location, no matter their tastes. Take advantage of the many scenic choices, and hold your wedding smack in the middle of one of the most beautiful natural locations in the world.

For those who prefer an indoor ceremony, a number of unique venues litter the island. For couples that want something unquestionably different, consider holding your ceremony and reception below the turquoise Caribbean waters on the Atlantis Submarine! The lovely Andromeda Gardens speak to couples with a vibrant collection of flowers and trees, perfect for a small ceremony in the shade of native flora. Whatever setting you choose, these beautiful spots elevate your ceremony past ordinary to something completely unforgettable.

A unique aspect of Barbados weddings comes into play during the ceremony when the formal signing of papers integrates itself into the proceedings instead of taking place afterward. This process usually takes several minutes and creates another ritual the DJ plays a special song, couples sit at their own table, and the photographer takes several pictures of the signing.

Many hotels even offer a special “signing table” as part of their package! Come prepared to sign a marriage register, your marriage certificate, and your temporary marriage certificate before the ceremony wraps up. When the ceremony is complete, relax and prepare to start your life together in one of the world’s most perfect wedding spots Barbados in the Caribbean Islands.