Spiritual Treatments

Spiritual Treatments

Spiritual treatment is a scientific form of prayer. We don’t ask for peace, harmony, abundance and fulfillment to be brought to us, we acknowledge that these states already exist within us and are always accessible to us.

By speaking words of Truth we set the wheels in motion behind the scenes of our senses. The invisible laws of the universe immediately respond, altering the energy flowing through us, and enabling demonstrations to take place that may be beyond our limited imagination.

Spiritual treatments enable us to hand over our problems to the powerful presence that dwells within. This presence knows the quickest, most direct and harmonious route to our healing and transformation.

To get the most out of treatments, sit quietly and connect with your breath. Affirm five times, I am peaceful and calm. Soften the muscles around your eyes as you read and allow your body to take on the feeling of the treatment. Once complete, know that the universe is working for you. Let go and carry on with your day.

Shifting Your Mood

In every way, everyday universal light shines through my being connecting me with feelings of love, compassion, vitality and joy.

All states of mind are, at all times, accessible to me and the universe is continuously breaking through me bringing endless peace and well-being into my life. I effortlessly shift from a negative to a positive frame of mind as I turn my attention to the pure light that radiates through me and out of me.

I enjoy observing this light being reflected back to me as the beauty around me, joyously watching my moods lift and interactions change for the better moving my life towards intimacy with myself, my friends, and the planet. I give thanks for this day and this teaching knowing that my day is unfolding in wonderful ways. And it is so.