Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips

When designing a logo, one must be sure to draw inspiration from a relevant source without making something that is clearly derivative. If a client has charged you with designing a logo for their company then you must give a great deal of consideration to their brand identity and the imagery that will most effectively represent it. But where do you come up with ideas? You can’t just expect the completed logo to appear in your mind while you’re in the shower. Research is required in order to find inspiration. Check out these 4 logo design tips for some help.

Research other Logos

Rather than simply looking at successful logos like the Coca-Cola logos pictured above, you should take a look at less obvious websites and sources too. Any art, design, or natural occurrence that you see in your day-to-day life is a potential source of inspiration, but if you want something more clearly logo orientated, then check out Logo Gala, Logo Moose, and Dribbble.

If you’re feeling brave you could even check out the art on Tumblr or Deviant Art for some left-field ideas. Try researching tags that are relevant to the brand in question and don’t just look at the first page of results, dive deep into the dark recesses of the internet to hunt those pearls.

Research the Client

Look at their past. What products and services are they known for? What are their core values? Do they have a USP? Compare previous logos, website designs or product branding and packaging, online Marketing etc, and see if these can be incorporated into the new logo design. You shouldn’t just research their past but also ask the client about their aspirations for the future.

Where do they want to go? How do they want to be perceived by consumers? Will there be any new products or services released in the future that could influence the logo design? Will this affect what could be appropriate imagery and color schemes? This part requires a great deal of time and consideration because an irrelevant logo reveals how lazy the designer was.

Look at Your Own Work

You probably have folders full of preliminary designs, concept sketches, and other unused design material from previous jobs and just messing about. If you’ve saved these then they might be gold. Check through them and see if any can be developed for this project. Maybe a couple of tweaks will be all that is required to make them relevant. Maybe the recollection of a previous design process will lead you onto the right path for your current project. It’s always worth saving your unused work somewhere for future use.

Take a Break and Come Back to it

If you’ve been staring at a computer screen for hours and going through dozens of images for ideas but can’t seem to organize your thoughts into something worthwhile, then it might be time for a break. Don’t abuse this tip though! Just get up go for a jog or a walk or maybe meditate or do whatever you need to do that will stimulate ideas and help to organize your thoughts.

Perhaps you should take a sketchbook or dictaphone with you so you can record any eureka moments. Then get back to the office and work with it. These 4 logo design tips should go a long way to helping you get that logo sorted out. Make sure you communicate with the client as the concept develops. That way you don’t waste time going down a route that the client hates. Clients like to feel in control, so make sure you give them opportunities for input, like choosing from multiple designs and making alterations according to their specifications. Best of luck!

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