Common SEO Mistakes Made by Web Designers

Common SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization should be performed very carefully. Web designers sometimes fail to become complete SEO designers because they lay more stress on the design than the other important factors. This is the reason why they tend to make some common SEO mistakes which can take a toll on the internet business.

You all will agree that search engine optimization is one of the most popular and effective strategies of Internet marketing. Therefore, as a web designer, you should learn about the common mistakes and try your best to avoid them to become an SEO designer.

Get rid of flash pages. You should not use Flash for your home page as well as the other pages because search engines find the Flash unreadable. Flash sites become difficult for search engines to index because of the use of improper codes. Search engines like Google do not encourage these pages.
Creating long title tags can be a great mistake on the part of SEO designers. Google or other search engines usually pay attention to only the first 60 characters present in the tag. You can also include some unique keywords from the page in the title tag to make it attractive and descriptive.
Bad content on a website will never get you good search engine rankings. Do not make the mistake of borrowing content from other websites or blogs. You need to make sure that your content is unique and relevant to your website. Being a SEO designer you should avoid plagiarism and create user-friendly content.
Overuse of Ajax is the other common problem with SEO designers. This is one of the techniques which add some function to modern websites but with this method, it becomes difficult for the search engine to crawl. You can always use the standard and basic method of loading the content instead of using Ajax.
Creating bad internal page links is the other common mistake. Make your links relevant as well as properly linked. Controlling the link within your website is under your control so do not make any mistakes.
Poor URLs can give a poor search engine ranking from Google and other search engines. You should include the top keywords on your page in the URL. Too many keywords in the URL will be a mistake.
Having overconfidence in Meta tags is a big mistake in the present SEO scenario. These tags with Meta keywords are usually becoming irrelevant these days. Search engines like Bing and Google have got rid of these tags.
You need to consider search engine optimization for your website even before the site gets coded. Adding SEO after the coding is complete will not be effective.
Avoiding these common mistakes will surely help. But most important you must avoid being impatient. This is another common mistake. SEO might take 90 days to 6 months to provide expected results. Till then you need to keep on updating your site and work towards making it perfect. Keep an eye on the rating and ranking system provided by the search engines.