Search Targeting

Search Targeting

It’s becoming apparent that banner ad campaigns are no longer sufficient. Most people find the ads irrelevant and totally ignore them. But a British company called is one of many who are offering search targeting solutions for advertisers. Their search targeting software won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year prize at the GB Entrepreneur Awards recently. It’s customizable to an extent, but not to the level we want it to be.

You can imagine our need to target things at a keyword level and to be able to pull that data, analyze it, and all the kinds of things that really impact our products. Those are the kind of bespoke features that are just not available on the mass market…Ultimately we’re just trying to add value to the advertisers through good performance and great results.

The other founder, Adam Ludwin, explains how their search targeting software stands out from the competitors:

“We break the mold in terms of technology and offer something that didn’t exist in the UK or in Europe which was a really granular targeting technology that allows the advertisers to get a great return on their investment,”

Search targeting is dependent on sorting through a great deal of data and captify achieves this with a team of analysts. Mr. Joseph sees data management as the future of online advertising.

“Everyone is more and more aware that data is a fantastic asset for advertisers and publishers, and it’s now just a case of how well you can use it to monetize that effectively.

“To use your data effectively you do need technology, and you do need people who know what they’re doing with it. It’s very difficult to do that effectively using out-of-the-box solutions.”

“There’s definitely more developments enabling publishers to monetize their industry, and the exchanges are no longer just really crappy long tail stuff,” he says. “There’s a lot of high-quality inventory flowing through them.

Captify Technology is currently focused on providing search targeting to the European market and is looking to increase its 40-strong team. In the future, they intend to expand overseas but will meet a lot of competition as advertisers start to realize that search targeting is far more effective than other forms of online advertising.