Use Facebook and Paid Ads to Grow a Small Business.

If you have a small business, then chances are you have a Facebook page for your business. You have a modest following and you may post something about your business from time to time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t grow your business in and of itself. That does’t sell your product or service. There’s a better way. You can use Facebook ads to grow your business in a way that is cost effective, saves time & stress, is trackable and is more effective. 

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How Facebook advertising compares to traditional advertising
  • How to reach the right audience
  • 5 steps to create your first ad
  • The costs of advertising on Facebook

It used to be that if you wanted to grow your business you would have to use traditional forms of advertising like the newspaper, Yellow Pages, radio or direct mailings. Those used to work back in the day. But today there’s a better way to reach your ideal customer. Not only a better way, but a more efficient and cost effective way to grow your business. You’re also able to calculate the return on your investment and see the effects of your campaign. With an ad in the newspaper, you’re not able to tell how many people it reached, what were their comments, the number of clicks on a link, etc. That’s why advertising on Facebook is the ideal way to advertise and grow your business. 

For example, with a newspaper or direct mailer, you pay for every piece of advertising. If you’re in the lawn care business and you send out a mailer to every resident in the Bitterroot Valley, that means you paid for the mailer that ended up at Mr. Jones’ apartment or a local gas station. With an ad placed in Facebook, you can target your ideal audience and pay for only those users that see your ad. If you sell a garden product for example, you can place an ad that only those that “like” the “Better Homes and Garden Magazine” Facebook page. You can create ads that will only be seen by gender, age, location, interest, and more. Facebook knows a lot about its users and you can use that to get your advertisement in front of the potential clients and customers that are most likely to see … and respond … to your ad.

Creating an ad isn’t very intuitive and can be a complicated process. That’s why it’s recommend to have a digital marketing agency create ads for you. Here are the steps you would take to have an agency create your Facebook ad:

  1. The agency would request access to your Facebook business page (their access is limited to creating ads only). This allows them permission to create the ad on your behalf. Your Facebook business page will also need to have an Ad Account set up to pay Facebook to run the ad. 
  2. You and the agency work together to decide the desired goal of the ad (i.e. promote an event, drive traffic to your website, create brand awareness, etc.). If you already have a picture or video you want to use, great! If not, they will work with you to create the content.
  3. You and the agency will also work together to create the right headline and text to go along with the ad. 
  4. You and the agency then work together to come up with the ideal audience that you want to have see your ad. 
  5. The agency will then create, place and monitor the ad while it’s running. When the ad has expired, they will provide you with a full report and analysis of the results of the ad. 

What does it cost to run an ad on Facebook? That depends. With Touch Point Digital Marketing and Designs, there’s a $100 fee to set-up the account, then each ad thereafter is $50 per ad (to set-up, place, monitor and report). The main variable is how much you want to pay Facebook. The more you spend, the more people that will see your ad. It can vary depending on your desired goal and outcome, but generally speaking $10/day for 5 days ($50) is sufficient. After you have your account set-up with the agency, it generally runs about $100 per ad to advertise on Facebook. 

There’s a tremendous amount of flexibility and creativity when advertising on Facebook. It can be as simple as promoting an event or showing something new that you offer to your customers. Being able to create an ad campaign that’s specific to your business and allows you to target your ideal audience is what’s awesome about Facebook advertising. Start simple with something that works for your business and as you see see the success, you can grow into more detailed and profitable campaigns.

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