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The next best thing to actually train in person is to train online with an NPPT Personal Trainer. The results our clients have been achieving are nothing short of amazing. Everything we do in fitness is geared towards making each person perform at higher levels, stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier! We train you to know how to work out anywhere, indoors, outdoors, on the road, or at home it makes no difference. Training online with an NPF Personal Trainer will not only teach you how to workout in a safe and healthy manner, but will progress you through levels of fitness you never thought imaginable.

If you want professional guidance to make sure your staying on the right path, learn how to train anywhere, and increase body strength and power right now, then the Personal Fitness Online training is for you!!

The Online Training is as simple as this:

Sign up online with your choice of 1, 3, or 6 months of online personal training. We will send you a Q&A sheet (goals included), your physical testing form, and a description of some specific postural photos. Complete the Q&A, physical testing, and posture photos, and get your information back to us.

Receive your first training program from one of our NPF trainers designed specifically for you based off of your testing and goals.
Weekly Updates; at the end of each week send in your training results for updates by your NPF Personal Trainer to help you stay focused and on track to reach all of your goals. (You may get these results to us in any format that you prefer)
You will continue this process with monthly testing mixed into the workout regime.

Online Success:

I was impressed with his knowledge. His knowledge genuinely comes from study, personal experience, research, and his own commitment to fitness. While I do not live in the metropolitan Atlanta area (or in Georgia for that matter) Rick has always been available for email consultation. His programs have helped me reduce my time spent in the gym while not only maintaining my fitness level but improving upon it. His blog is always thought-provoking, challenging, and motivational as well.”