Online Casino Wagering

Online Casino Wagering

About online casino wagering requirements and casino bonus wager. Casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, and video poker, and about safe and bad bets.

Play the Safe Bets

The casino wager can be something as small as a penny or as big as thousands of pounds, dollars or whatever currency the player may be using. Currency is just geography; it’s the size of the wager that counts! What matters is the ability of the player to accept risk and the amount of money they can afford to place at risk to lose, with “affordability” and “lose” being the operative words.

Gambling is supposed to be harmless fun, but only if you can afford the wagering you make and not let things like superstitions guide your actions. Superstitions often cause gamblers to suffer from selective amnesia when they have decided on a bankroll of $200 being the absolute limit they can afford, and they are $1000 down! If you are still convincing yourself that you are feeling lucky when you have lost $800 over the casino wagering limit you set, then something is definitely wrong.

About Safe Bets

While setting a bankroll limit for yourself and sticking to it is the first step in casino wagering, selecting the games you play is another consideration. Casino games have such diversified methods of wagering that it is a wise gambler who plays in games in which he knows his chances of winning are better and the house edge is worse.

This doesn’t takes the fun out of the game, and although we are not professionals, it does make good sense to play European Roulette over American Roulette because of house edge this game is a prime example of a safe bet!

We often wonder if anyone actually plays American Roulette, because all the experts advise against it – Why? Because an American roulette wheel has an additional house edge, it has two zero spaces, the “0” and the “00”. While you may not think that one little extra space for that ball to drop in, decreases your odds that much, it actually does, it doubles the house edge from 2.76% to close to 6%!

Safe Bets

Find out what the games with the safe bets are and play these, the example we just made with Roulette is one of the best examples available. Going into a casino you enjoy and playing a game you enjoy, usually means winning the game. No one enjoys losing! Check out Casino Bonus for more about safe bets.


Poker for example is a very safe game to play, it is possible to place small or large wagers and it is also possible to improve your skill levels every time you play as well as win pretty big too. More skill means better winning potential, but it pays to remember; for every good player there are twenty losers so if you are going to play poker, do your homework.


Winning blackjack is possible by card counting you have all been to the movies and seen this done. Unfortunately, although a casino will welcome you with any strategy to beat the odds, they will not welcome you to the blackjack table with your card-counting skills openly displayed. If you can do this and get away with it, you can use card counting to your advantage and playing blackjack will be a safe bet however, if you get caught, you will be banned from the casino for good, if not worse. Rather than use the basic blackjack strategy to play, forget about counting cards and this game is still a safe bet.


Craps is one of the most player-friendly and fun games but it is also filled with pitfalls and casino wagering which offers massive house odds. Use the Pass and Don’t Pass bets in Craps and this limits the house edge, if this is used together with laying odds, the player lessens the house edge even more, and playing craps becomes a safe bet. Places 6 and 8 are also safe bets.

Video Poker

Who would have thought a slot machine would be a safe bet? But wait a minute video poker is not a slot machine; there is a world of difference between playing slots and playing video poker. In video poker, you get to make decisions that influence the outcome of the game! Always choose a game with a high payout and play with optimal strategy, some of these machines offer over 100% payouts which is a very positive expectation.


This game is also extremely player friendly, and just so happens to be James Bond’s game of choice. Never go for the Equality (tie) wager, and you will find this game a safe bet. It offers incredibly good potential for the player to pay little house edge and in comparison to most games, Baccarat is good. Anyone betting on the Equality is a moron!

Bad Bets

As we said the Baccarat Equality is a moronic wager to make, and there are also many other bad bets in terms of casino wagering. We have also determined that American roulette is a bad bet and that playing Blackjack and sticking to basic strategy is a good bet. Play blackjack with hunches – this is a bad bet! Any betting system which promises you it will be foolproof is a bad bet you will lose your money twice, once when you pay for it and once, or more than once, on the tables. All so-called “foolproof” systems are based on the writers’ hunches, nothing more and nothing less again, a bad, bad, bet.

Never play any casino game if you are shit-faced, this is a very bad bet, never split the 10s in Blackjack if the dealer has a 6, 8 or is standing on 16. Don’t give your money away in craps with one-roll bets and be careful about fishy poker, play in your own league, the pros love taking your money and they will. Always think twice before placing side bets in any game and never listen to self-styled experts, simply trust the odds!