Kenya Safari Vacation

Kenya Safari Vacation

Kenya was where it all started. It is the home of the original safari of stiff khaki, brown leather, and pith helmets. There is something about a Kenya safari tour that gets in the blood. It certainly did ours, and we hear it a lot from our guests.
Take Nick, for example, “I first stepped onto Kenyan soil in 1972 en route to Madagascar. I felt that I had arrived home, a feeling that has never left me.”
We love Kenya for its icons the Great Rift Valley, the Maasai warrior, Elsa the Lioness, Simba the Lion cub, the Great Migration, and Mount Kenya but we love it even more for its hidden gems. A Kenya safari provides life-changing experiences to offer the young and old which are eclipsed by its celebrity neighbours.

A Kenya Safari Vacation: Our Top 4 Reasons

  1. The areas that aren’t talked about

Namunyuk, the Matthews Range, Laikipia, Lake Turkana, Lewa. These are wonderful natural spots away from the crowds and offer the unique experience of smaller homesteads and ranches where you and your children can ride, paint or fish in acres and acres of your own space.

  1. Maasai Warriors

Kenya manages to bundle together many tribes within its borders, but the most famous are the Maasai garbed in distinctive red cloth. To get up close to a Maasai warrior is like reaching out and touching the past. As these tribes slowly lose their battle with modernization and safari vacation we recommend getting out there and learning all you can about and from these supreme hunters: you will irrevocably change your children.

  1. The Migration never gets boring

The might of hundreds of thousands of hooves pounding, animals surging together on their instinctual quest for life and survival. The desperate battles with the accompanying carnivores. Talk to us about a seasonal camp that responds to the Migration so that you don’t miss the action.

  1. The best of both worlds

Kenya’s coast is the place for action (kitesurfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, mountain biking), and a great spot to take kids (fab family-focused hotels some with kids clubs), so we love Kenya for the time-trusted combo of safari and beach. Kenya’s great international hub of Nairobi airport, its great internal flight network, and the lack of time difference from the UK make Kenya an extra compelling choice for multi-generational travel.