Gear Review | Saramonic Blink500 Wireless Microphone

Who likes wires? Nobody. That’s why we have cell phones. Because we were tired of being tethered to our landlines. The same goes for microphones. Nobody wants to deal with wires when working with microphones. You have to worry about someone tripping. You have limited range away from the source. It’s awkward and cumbersome. That’s why I though it was worth it to invest in a pair of wireless microphones and I chose the Saramonic Blink500.

Saramonic offers a couple of different options and I chose to go with the set with two microphones and the iPhone receiver. The two microphones make it so you could have two people wearing a microphone and have your phone pick up both voices. This is perfect for when you’re interviewing someone or need to have two people mic’d up in a scene. The iPhone receiver is a little more than the Android receiver but it’s just nice knowing that I could use my phone as the receiver instead of having to buy a system built on a receiver that I would then have to transfer to my phone and/or computer. This keeps it simple and convenient. 

The package also came with two lapel or lavalier microphones if you prefer to use them. But … you don’t have to use them. You can just use the clip instead! This is perfect for simple and quick recordings. They’re small and can be easily hid with only the clip showing – not much more what a lapel mic would show. 

Of course one of the best features is its wireless range. You can easily be 100’ (or more) away from the receiver and have it pick up the audio as if you were standing next to the phone. Simply incredible. 

They pair easily and set-up is very simple. I keep mine in a little zip-up pouch in my camera bag so that I always have them with me. 

I love these microphones. They’re well worth the investment and are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their sound in their videos. 

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