Reach the Right People.
Spend the Right Amount.

It’s awesome being able to send the perfect ad to your ideal customer using a targeted marketing strategy on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

We used to put ads in the newspaper, the Yellow Pages and even on the radio. Today, there are better ways. Better ways to reach the right people. Better ways to spend your money. Better ways to track the results.

"Think like a customer."

- Paul Gillin, B2B & social media strategist

Target the Right Customers

When you know who your ideal customer is, it’s easy to target them with a strategic ad campaign using Facebook and Instagram ads. For example, let’s say you run a yoga studio and you know that your ideal customer is a married woman, age 35-44 with 2 kids. (Disclaimer: I don’t know if that’s true – but work with me here on this example). If you run an ad in the paper, you have to pay for every issue that’s printed, even those read by men in their 60s. But with a targeted ad campaign, only those demographics and interests that you target will see your ad and thus, only pay for those ads.

And it’s not just demographics. If your ideal customer reads Health & Fitness magazine and has “liked” it on Facebook, you can target all Facebook users that have liked that magazine. Genius!

It’s all about getting your message in front of the right audience. That’s both effective and cost efficient.

Your customer is on a journey. First, they need to be made aware of their problem(s) and that your product or service is the solution. That’s the awareness stage. Guide them through the Consideration stage and ultimately to the Purchase stage. You can do this with a strategic ad strategy.

Starting with awareness, we’ll create an ad, preferably video, that helps the target customer become aware of you. Think of the Geico commercials. They’re not selling you anything – just making you aware.

Next, we have a longer video that talks more about why they should consider you. What are your prices? What makes you unique? The key here is that we’re not showing this ad to everyone. We’re only showing it to those customers that have watched your first video. It’s perfect because these customers are already aware of you and have gone from cold to warm.

Finally, you do the same with a 3rd video shown only to those that watched the consideration video. It’s the perfect strategy that guides the right customer through the journey to become your next customer.

Here's How It Works

Before we can run your ad, we need to connect our Facebook business pages and set things up. After I set things up on my end, it’s as simple as watching for an email from me to accept the connection.

1. Ad

First, we'll have a conversation & discuss the details. If you've already got a graphic or video, great! Otherwise, we'll need to create the content that will be used for the ad.

2. Set-up & Approval

I'll set-up the ad and the targeted audience. When it's ready, you'll receive an email that you can approve or ask for modifications before going live.

3. Monitor
the Ad

I'll keep a close eye on the ad to monitor its progress. No work on your part - just relax and I'll keep you up to date as needed.

4. Report
& Analyze

Once the ad has expired, I'll create an easy to read and understand report to see how well your ad did. We'll analyze the results and decide what to do next.

Digital Marketing Price Estimate

My Fees
Facebook Fees
This is how much you want to pay Facebook for your ad to be seen. The cost can be as little as $5 per day ... the choice is yours. I would recommend a 5 day campaign for at least $10/day for a total of $50 per ad per campaign. For estimating purposes, the calculator shows $50 increments.

Total 1  

The End Result ...

... is the perfect message to the right customer.

It’s almost like magic. Your ideal customer matched up with your ad. It works. It’s exciting and it’s how you grow your business in a smart and efficient way for success.

A great social media plan starts with a conversation -

Let’s sit down and talk about your business – at my office or yours and always at a time that works best for you. Free of charge & no obligation. Call me at 406-369-5884 or fill out the form.

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