Cheap Traveling

Cheap Traveling 2023

Scot and I are both traveling this weekend but in different directions. Scot is flying to Richmond, Virginia for a funeral. The girls and I are driving to St. Louis for a little Spring Break Getaway. Of course, we are doing both trips on the cheap. Here’s how:

Scot’s trip to Richmond, Virginia – Unfortunately, Scot’s trip is for a memorial service which means there was not really any advance travel planning, but here is what I managed to pull together for him.
Airfare – I found an inexpensive ticket on Continental (our airline of choice).
Housing – free because Scot is staying with friends. Thanks, Josh and Jamie!
Rental car – I found a deal at Alamo so the grand total for the two-day rental.

The girl’s trip to St. Louis – We decided we wanted to do something for Spring Break, but not spend a lot of money since we are trying to save for our summer vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort which is only a few months away. We considered Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis with the latter winning out. One key advantage of St. Louis is the number of attractions that are free. We also invited the grandparents.
Transportation – Driving the Van
Housing – I scored a Priceline room at a Doubletree for a bid of $37 a night, the total with taxes and fees for three nights is $133.22.
Activities – St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis Science Center, shopping, Gateway Arch (found a coupon to get the girl’s tickets for free).
Food – We will eat breakfast in the room and pack snacks. I have found some other deals for dining like 40% off at The Old Spaghetti Factory on Tuesday. I’m getting myself some Spaghetti with Browned Butter & Mizithra Cheese. Yummy!